need a website designed?

Computing Core is excited to announce our Web Design Services! As an addon, we are also offering Web Hosting at un-beatable rates.

The Process?

Ready to sign up? Here's what it entails...


1 Year subscription

Every website needs a registered domain. The cost to register/renew a domain depends on the extension of the domain you are seeking to register as well as if the domain is already registered. Typically a .com or .net is about $20-25 USD


prepare your content

Start working on your content. 

You'll need to provide us with all the text and high-resolution images you would like to have your new website.



Now it's time to sit back and relax while we build your brand new website! 

During this process we will keep in contact with you in case we require clarification on anything. 



After your design is complete it's time to upload it to the world wide web and make it public!