Online POS

Multi-location POS Software that scales with your business.

clean, simple to use interface
A clean simple to use interface means less time training your staff! We also took the time out to prepare and upload videos on our YouTube channel and also wrote a comprehensive manual for your benefit.

O-POS is a multi-user system. This translates into accountability for your business as each of your staff can have their own user login which helps you keep track of what they do in your POS.

Further, as the owner/admin you are able to setup detailed permissions to control what areas of the POS your staff has access to.


As your business grows, Online POS can scale with it. Multiple locations? No problem... Manage all your business locations (inventory, sales, reporting) from one software. See reports by location or compare all locations to see how your business is performing.


Your info is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, anytime on any type of device - everything is secure and can only be accessed by you.

There are multiple ways to do discounts in our system. Discounts can be done manually or automatically, on the entire invoice or on an individual line item.
Custom Invoice TEmplates
We will help you add your touch to your invoice printouts by adding your logo, address, phone numbers, email address, Tax ID, etc.
If your store gets busy your cashiers will have the option of parking a bill and re-calling it later to finalize your customers order.
Multiple payment options
Accept cash, cheques, card or bank transfer when taking payment from your customers.
Credit customers
Track credit customers or customers that partially pay you. Keep on top of your accounts with O-POS.
Accept split payments from your customers. Example: your customer wants to pay you with a cheque and cash.

Get accurate reports that will aid you in making informed decisions that will boost your business and take it to the next level!

Customer Loyality
O-POS can automatically calculate and track customer loyaltypoints. All you need to do is setup the parameters in the system, O-POS will calculate loyaltypoints for every sale your customer does.
Expert advice
We are a fully equipped team ready to give expert advice if needed. Call us today for a FREE, no obligationconsultation.
tech support

We believe a product is only as good as it's support. This is why we aim to sell a complete solution, backed by amazing tech support. Get the help you need, when you need it!

Is Online POS for you?

O-POS can work for a variety of business types! Call today for a FREE consultation!


Put your retail store online - reach your customers at their convenience using our e-commerce integration.


Manage your inventory and your wholesale customers with ease.


Computerize your electronic or computer parts store.


With it's 'variants' feature, enter clothing. shoes, perfumes etc by size or color. This makes managing your stock much easier.


You are the owner of a Hardware Store with thousands of items in stock. It's difficult to tell what's in stock and what needs to be re-ordered. Let O-POS help you keep your stock under control.


Print classy, elegant invoices to go with your inventory. Impress your customers and watch them return over and over again.


With it's multi-unit feature, O-POS allows you to break apart and sell by pieces. Example: sell a bottle of pills by bottle or break apart and sell loose by pieces. 


Manage your staff and appointments with our easy to use interface. Print invoices for customer, manage product issuance internally and build your customer database.


With it's powerful inventory management module, O-POS is perfect to help you take control of your large inventory. 


Are you the owner of a mobile food truck? Upgrade your business by running our POS on a small tablet with printer and cash drawer. Call to learn more...



Grow your business with O-POS.



Are you a non-profit? Call us today, let's see how we can give back to you for the amazing work you are doing!